About Us

ICACI is Indian Chapter of American Concrete Institute.

A word about ACI

American Concrete Institute, founded in 1904 with HQ in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA.

ACI advances knowledge in concrete throughout the world conducting 125 seminars annually, manages 14 different certification programmes, offers scholarships to students and publishes hundreds of technical documents considered as authentic reference in court of law, for tender-drafting and codal provisions in other countries as well.

Its wide data base for R & D in concrete is a vast treasure trove to the world.

ACI has 98 Chapters, 37 student chapters, and nearly 20000 members spanning over 120 Countries.

It is truly an International Institute working with the motto ‘Progress through knowledge’ and retains its basic mission to develop, share, and disseminate knowledge and information needed to utilise concrete to its fullest potential.

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About ICACI :

Indian professionals exchanged information and dissemination of knowledge about Concrete Technology with USA from early days of 20th Century even before there was an ACI. India Chapter of ACI was established on 26th December 1979 by a few enthusiastic concrete technologist to work directly under the patron ship of ACI USA for the “Development’s and Advancement of Good Practice of Concrete Technology” in India. Today all India membership of the Chapter consist of 2000 concrete professionals and organizations including consulting engineers, concrete practitioners, academicians, researchers, consultants, civil engineers, material scientist, constructors, students etc. The driving factor beyond the activities is the sole motto “Progress Through Knowledge”.

The Chapter has a distinctive performance in organizing seminars, symposiums, technical lectures, meetings and workshops with the participation of experts in the field and professional bodies.