ACI awards received

Year Recognition
1984 Outstanding Chapter
1987 Outstanding Chapter
1988 Outstanding Chapter
1989 Outstanding Chapter
1992 Outstanding Chapter
1994 Outstanding Chapter
1995 Outstanding Chapter
1996 Outstanding Chapter
1997 Outstanding Chapter
1998 Outstanding Chapter
1999 Outstanding Chapter

Top Most Award for the Chapter

Year Recognition
2000 Excellent Chapter
2001 Excellent Chapter
2002 Excellent Chapter
2003 Excellent Chapter
2004 Excellent Chapter
2005 Excellent Chapter
2006 Excellent Chapter
2007 Excellent Chapter
2008 Excellent Chapter
2009 Excellent Chapter
2010 Excellent Chapter
2011 Excellent Chapter
2012 Excellent Chapter
2013 Excellent Chapter
2014 Excellent Chapter
2016 Excellent Chapter
2017 Excellent Chapter
2018 Excellent Chapter
2019 Excellent Chapter
2020 Excellent Chapter
2021 Excellent Chapter

Awards Bestowed Upon Chapter Members for their Excellent Services By ACI International

Honorary Membership to Mr. R. N.  Raikar

  • R.N.Raikar, Past President, India Chapter of ACI was been elected as the “Honorary Member” of the American Concrete Institute. This is the  highest Honour bestowed by ACI,USA on any individual.
  • The Citation Message reads: “In recognition of your countless years of service to ACI and its India Chapter, for your unlimited enthusiasm to ensure Quality Concrete; and your faithful labours in support of International co-operation“
  • It is a moment of immense pride and celebration for India Chapter of ACI and Concrete Fraternity. This unique honour was conferred on him at the Opening Session and Award Programme, on Sunday March 14, 2004 at ACI Centennial Convention at Washington D.C., U.S.A.
  • Congratulatory message on this occasion from the Guru of Concrete, Dr. Adam Neville (C.B.E) : “I would like to send you my warmest congratulations on the highest honour that ACI can bestow. I look forward to congratulating you in person.”

Mr. R. N. Raikar  :

  • Award in recognition of sustained and outstanding contribution to concrete technology in March 1994 and Chapter Activities Award in 1983

Ms. Radhika Markan :

  • Received “Chapter Activities” award in 2021.

Dr. S. K. Manjrekar  : 

  • Received “Chapter Activities” award in 2003

Mr. Chetan R. Raikar  :

  • Received “Young Engineers” award in 1998
  • Received “Chapter Activities” award in 2018

Mr. M. A. Jacob  :

  • Received “Chapter Activities” award in 2006
  • Received the “ACI Fellowship” award in 2019

Mr. Pankaj Shah :

  • Received the “Chapter Activities” award in 2019

Mr. Satish C. Dhupelia  :

  • Received “Chapter Activities” award in 2008

Ms  Ishita Manjrekar :

  • Received “Young Member” award in 2016

Mr. Sourabh S. Manjrekar :

  • Received the “ACI Young Member Award” for the Professional Achievement award in 2019