Hurry! Get your complimentary digital Concrete International magazine

American Concrete Institute (ACI) announced a New Chapter Benefit whereby members of a local Chapter that are not ACI Members can now receive a complimentary digital subscription to Concrete International magazine (CI magazine). 

Concrete International is the magazine of the concrete community, published monthly by the ACI. It currently retails at $166 per year. The magazine’s circulation is concentrated among the most important professionals in the concrete field – the engineers, architects, contractors, manufacturers, researchers, and technicians largely responsible for the advancement of concrete technology and practice.

In order to avail of this new benefit, local Chapter members must provide their details including mailing name, company name, address, city, state, zip country, email, phone number and job title to the local chapter office.

Once the entire local chapter member list is updated and sent to ACI, USA, instructions on how to sign up for the digital subscription will be given.

So rush in your details and benefit from the world of knowledge that awaits you.