Held on Friday, 29th September 2023

India Chapter of ACI has successfully concluded its AGM 2023 on Friday, 29th September 2023 at Hotel Kohinoor Park, Prabhadevi Mumbai.

President, Mr. Sunny Surlaker made presentation on chapter activities, and Hon. Secretary, Dr. Vishal Thombare made presentation on “Audited Accounts” for the Year 2022-2023.

The outgoing, President, Mr. Sunny Surlaker individually thanked the outgoing vice president, Mr. Sourabh Manjrekar, the outgoing Secretary, Dr. Vishal Thombare, Past President, Mr. M. A. Jacob, Mr. Satish Dhupelia, Mr. Pankaj Shah, Dr. S. K. Manjrekar, Mr. Chetan Raikar, and Ms. Radhika Markan for their time-to-time guidance and advice and chapter staff for their support during his tenure.

Past President, Mr. Chetan Raikar, Vice President, Mr. Sourabh Manjrekar, Hon. Secretary, Dr. Vishal Thombare, and Chapter members, Mr. A. K. Jain, Mr. Ram Bhatia, and Mr. S. R. Tambe, and all other members present, were appreciated for the brilliant, great, and wonderful works done by Mr. Sunny Surlaker during his “President ship” for the years 2021–2023.

Mr. Sunny Surlaker thanked the all board of directors and chapter members for their good and kind words.

Annual General Meeting successfully concluded with “National Anthem” and followed by dinner.

During his AGM, the entire board has been elected.  Details of newly elected office bearers and board are as follows:

President Mr. Sourabh Manjrekar
Vice President Dr. Vishal Thombare
Hon. Secretary / Treasurer Dr. Yogini Deshpande
Immediate Past President Mr. Sunny Surlaker
Past President Dr. Raghuvir Salkar
Past President Ms. Radhika Markan
Past President Mr. Pankaj Shah
Past President Mr. Chetan Raikar
Past President Mr. M. A. Jacob
Past President Mr. Satish Dhupelia
Past President Dr. S. K. Manjrekar
Director Dr. Vinod Vanvari
Director Ms. Ishita Manjrekar
Director Mr. Umesh Magar
Director Mr. Suhas Barve
Director Mr. Amit Barde
Outstation Director Dr. Shishir Bansal
Outstation Director Dr. Chetan Patil
Outstation Director Dr. G S Rampradheep