Our Chapter is 35 years old with its own office.

Chapter is accountable to ACI  guidelines for its governance, rules and regulations and byelaws, etc.

We conduct our activities as per commitment “Progress through Knowledge”.

The Chapter has a continuous growth in its membership, which is a recognition of its popularity in the professional fraternity and the quality of its technical activities.

It is encouraging to note the participation of the professional colleagues in Chapter activities who have joined this movement for better quality of concrete in India.

We operate all over India with nearly 2000 membership.  Almost 50% is from the state of Maharashtra with Mumbai as its Capital.  Balance is from various other states of India.

We ensure that we cater to their need regularly, meticulously and with a sense of commitment.

Members get journals, special issues, subsidized registration fees for Seminars, Conferences and Workshops.

In addition they get library facility, reduction in participation fees for activities / seminars of other professional institutions.

They participate in visits to construction sites and in various competitions organised by the Chapter.  They are entitled to receive ACI publications at concessional rates.

The Chapter had undertaken a special drive earlier to generate funds for its own headquarter building.

It has now started another drive to create reserve funds to augment its training  programmes, facilitate introduction of ACI Certification programs, new skill- training schemes for construction workers etc. also specific R & D projects and technology transfer schemes.