ICACI technical library upgraded with book on ‘Concrete Sustainability’

ICACI technical library upgraded with book on ‘Concrete Sustainability’

Eminent concrete technologist, Dr N. V. Nayak, who co-authored a book on ‘Concrete Sustainability’ along with Mr A. K Jain, has presented a signed copy of the book to Ms. Radhika Markan, President, India Chapter of American Concrete Institute (ICACI).

The book gives a fillip to the ever-expanding technical library of ICACI.

ICACI’s technical library has been appreciated and acknowledged as one of the most important knowledge centres in India, and more particularly in the State of Maharashtra. Several hundreds of books on concrete codes, standards and practices are housed in the ICACI technical library.

‘Concrete Sustainability’, which now makes its way to the ICACI technical library, covers all aspects of concrete production and its use for construction with special emphasis on achieving durability and sustainability.

The book contains 14 chapters covering various aspects of concrete making materials, methods of concrete production and application including impact on environment and sustainability.

The emissions of Green House Gases (GHG) from various human activities, including cement and concrete and their effect on climate change and global warming have been discussed in detail. The remedial measures to mitigate these effects on a macro level have also been described.

Based as it is on the long practical experience of the authors, ‘Concrete Sustainability’ will prove to be very useful to practicing engineers, consultants, academicians and students alike.