Dear Technocrat,

Here we are, once again, after a short gap of 6 weeks.
We had a lockdown in India & we still have it in several parts of the country, though Mumbai, where the main office of India Chapter of the ACI exists, has been opened for business as normal.

The social media is full of news regarding the world pandemic and we too are influenced by the contradictory views of the experts across the globe on the way forward.

India has been doing exceedingly well when compared to several other countries and we have been able to control the death rate and also the spread very well. We have not been able to come out of the clutches of Corona virus fully yet and as per the estimation of the Central Government of India , vaccination to the entire population of India would be over by December 2021.

We, therefore have taken a conscious decision of postponing the 4th R N Raikar Conference that was scheduled on 10th of December, once again. We felt like taking this difficult decision since we are not sure of how freely our international guests will be able to travel to and within India by December. We were also thinking of the mental comfort of you all to visit India in December. This has been a tough and heart breaking decision but we kept safety of the technocrats before all the developments and exchange of knowledge that we achieve through such assemblies.

We would come out with the new dates in a few months.

We thank you for your responses/ draft papers / synopsis/ abstracts/ enquiries for business etc to our earlier communications in the matter.

Look forward to meeting you sooner…

Stay safe & healthy.

With warm regards,

Chetan Raikar
Conference Convener
4th RNR Conference