From President’s Desk

Dear Visitors,

Concrete, in its current form, is being produced in India for around 85 years or more. I am confident that our ancestors knew to produce cement concrete even 5000 years back. Recent history of construction clearly accepts that cement concrete was produced from 1st century till about 4th century and then this art was lost somewhere on the way. The same was then revived directly in the 19th century.

Indian concrete can be classified in 2 broad classifications; namely, Engineered concrete and Non-Engineered concrete. On one end we have successfully achieved M 100 grade concrete whereas on the other hand we are still struggling to produce durable M 20 grade concrete.

Great level of training is required to people from construction industry in India and particularly to those who produce concrete regularly. Our Chapter is actively involved in conducting training courses in testing of concrete as per Indian standards and as per American Standards. I request each one of you to take active part in the training of your team members through these courses.

Our Chapter board is currently involved in preparations for 2nd R N Raikar conference and Banthia-Basheer International Symposium in December this year. Each one of you must enroll and become a delegate at the earliest. The hall at the venue has limited capacity and we expect, like the 1st R N Raikar conference, that the hall will be full even this time. Pre-book space hence, this will also give you an early bird discount.

“Each one – get one” is the membership drive slogan and I have been requesting you to support the Chapter and me by getting minimum one member. The Chapter membership is growing each year and would like the word spread more and more so maximum number of people can take benefit of the chapter in shaping up their career.

I am sure you are happy with the services your Chapter offers to you and would like to extend the benefits to your friends and colleagues.

Look forward to meeting you in Annual General Meeting and in 2nd RNR Conference.

With Warm Regards,

Chetan Raikar